Organizations are overwhelmed by the exponential volume of documents generated such as receivables, field papers, purchase orders, forms, invoices, and contracts. This type of unmanageable documents and content is causing strain in organizations and leads to outdated outcomes.

DWPGlobal offers a complete set of enterprise content management capabilities to capture, store, protect, activate, analyze and automate with content for greater insight and action. As part of its comprehensive solutions, DWPGlobal offers ECM services and solutions that support your digital transformation and help you build a customer focussed, streamlined and competitive document and content management solutions.

Harness the power of documents and content, automate and apply them to superior customer experiences.

Document capture, print and imaging

Get our experts help on document capture and imaging solutions. Capture both paper and digital documents from all the sources in your organization. And, extract the data, classify and automate the digitization from the documents. The best part at a corporate level is to be able to reduce the cost of document management dramatically.

Content management

With our Content Management solutions, manage your whole organization’s content at one single place and innovate on top of that intelligent content. Supports the entire content lifecycle with a wide range of formats. Securely collaborate on and share content wherever needed, protect it and make it easier to find. Deploy it in the cloud, on premises or as a hybrid solution.

Workflow and case management

Transform and automate workflows to present the relevant information with the right context of content-related processes like Invoice processing, Accounts payable, loan applications or claim services. You can accelerate business processes with document intelligence, task automation and process orchestration.

Our Document and content management implementations benefits:

  • Provides standard process to securely capture all kinds of information
  • Reducing compliance risks and cost
  • Securing the business information
  • Ensures a complete chain of your content
  • Rule based data capture and integration
  • Cleaning, cropping and extracting right data
  • Process and business oriented workflows
  • Data mining and business process intelligence
  • Showing performance of your business and identify current bottlenecks




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