Businesses need to adapt to changing priorities as well as changes brought on by growth and market trends in an ongoing manner and cannot afford to stay static in their processes and functioning. Their changing requirements would need corresponding changes in the technologies they adopt to automate and manage their business with efficiency. Given the complexity and size of many of these projects, any efforts at change result in errors, most of the time. Some of these errors result in a rollback, making it harder for the organization to truly capture the value or reap the benefits of their Salesforce implementation. Given the customization needed to get the best out of your Salesforce implementation, continuous and ongoing attention to development is necessary to ensure that its performance and delivery are attuned to your business needs. Data quality issues could hinder your decision-making if the data cleansing is managed inefficiently. If not managed right, the ongoing changes in Salesforce could quickly overtake your change management efforts to negatively impact your workforce productivity and customer engagement efforts.

Why we could be the right partner for you?

  • DWP’s DevOps services offer you continuous attention and focus to ensure effective change management with continuous improvement, as Salesforce itself keeps improving their developer and deployment automation tools.
  • Leveraging our partnership with Copado, the #1 Native CI/CD DevOps Platform for Salesforce, we help you ensure that the most critical of your processes work in the smoothest way possible.
  • We clean your data, de-duplicate it and enrich it using tools and integrations to eliminate the data quality issues which hinder your decision-making and implement a plan to repair and manage your databases going forward
  • We manage change easily by using change sets for deployment and transition to backups and version control as the source of truth
  • Enable your teams to deploy code automatically on commit, manage code quality operations, code validations, Apex unit tests, functional QA automation, etc.
  • Our experts develop your environment strategy for scratch orgs, development sandboxes, testing, integration, and production environments.
  • We evaluate existing code to ensure compliance with security best practices and resolve issues with technical debt.
  • We run automated scans of your code and configuration to elevate it to the highest standards of security, performance, and maintainability
  • Conduct maturity assessments, technology support, training, and coaching using AutoRABIT to successfully adopt DevOPs for Salesforce development
  • We ensure UI, user, and profile functionality with our manual tests and basic unit tests using manual and automated regression testing.



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